GWM showcases an all new GWM Pickup Truck with clear intentions of being a global LCV leader

On September 28th, GWM Pickup Truck announced China's leading LCV brand's determination to reach its goal of being in the top three LCV brands in the world. At the launch event, Great Wall Motors announced its vision of being "China's No. 1 pickup brand, building No. 1 choice for Chinese consumers, and finally making GWM one of the world's top three pickup brands". To do this, GWM released the "Six-Star Strategy" to ramp up their efforts in upgrading the brand and open a new era for GWM Pickup Truck. Steed 7, a brand-new premium high-end pickup model, also made an appearance at the launch.

Pickup, was announced as the next big thing following SUV at this strategy conference, GWM Pickup Truck, as the segment leader, interpreted the development trend of pickup in China and the world, showing its vision for the future and their strong sense of responsibility to the segment.

Globally, pickup has always been one of the most popular and largest sales segments and the most active base for a car loving culture. However, sales volumes of pickup vehicles in China only account for about 1.3% of the total market due to policy restrictions. With the deregulation of the policy and more encouraging circumstances, the Chinese domestic pickup market is bound to release its huge potential. The market potential, consumer demands and deregulation are accelerating a turning point in the industry. It is no doubt a significant strategic opportunity for GWM Pickup Truck whose track record boasts multiple industrial milestones with their stand out achievement being "No. 1 selling pickup for 20 consecutive years".


F7 Makes a Remarkable Appearance in Moscow Auto Show and Internationalization Strategy of Haval Brand Speeds Up

On August 29th, the 2018 Moscow International Auto Show arrived on schedule. The Haval brand brought its glory to the heavyweight models F7, H6, H9 and HB-03 concept cars. Haval's participation in this exhibition is not only for the warm-up of the upcoming products, but also shows the strong brand appeal to the world, further enhancing the international popularity.

The highlight of the Haval Auto Show was the first appearance of the Haval F7 in Russia. The Haval F7 is positioned as a compact SUV and is the flagship product of the Haval brand in accordance with the international development route. At the auto show, Phil Simmons, vice president of Great Wall Motors and Haval brand styling, vividly interpreted the design concepts of the F7 and F series., He said that Haval F7 would shape the spirit of intelligence, and create the four major consumer values of excellent appearance, intellectual technology, tough power and ultimate security for the tech savvy by means of smart technology, and surpass the leading intelligent technology and enterprising young attitude.